About WSIN

“The primary purpose of WSIN 1590 Radio Station shall be to serve the Southern Connecticut State University community through the broadcast medium. It shall inform the campus of student and University activities and news events; provide entertainment suited to the tastes of the student body as a whole; and promote student participation and unity within the University community. In addition, WSIN Radio Station shall provide practical experience for students planning to enter the fields of radio broadcasting, broadcast news, and sales.” (From SCSU’s Organizations Page)

Tyler Ferrara
General Manager

The WSIN General Manager act as the overall leader of the radio station. The Manager is in charge of the on-air presence of the station, staff morale and disciplin, new program initiatives, fundrasing, technical or engineering issues, public service, station, promotions, and the cleanliness of WSIN.

Chris Rzasa
Program Director

The WSIN Program Director oversees the programming of the station. Decisions about formats of music shows, news, talk shows, and live events will be handled by the program director in consultation with the General Manager.

Gerald Isaac
Music Director

The WSIN Music Director will help the Program Director with music formats, acquiring music from distributors and performers, and be responsible for cataloging all the recorded music at the station. They will help staff make sure music in all on-air genres is available.

Quinn O'Neil
Sports Director

The WSIN Sports Director is responsible for the overall sports content by WSIN.

Robert Orozco
Web Master

The WSIN Webmaster is responsible for creating and maintaining all aspects of the station website. They must be knowledgeable about computer software and hardeware required to keep the sight up-to-date and effective.

Jeremy Farrell
Production Director

The Production Director is responsible for creating on-air promotional announcements, station IDs, and any other recorded on-air elements as required.

DJ Johnson
Promotions Director

The WSIN Promotions Director will work with the General Manager and Program Director to promot WSIN and bring more listeners to the station.

Meagan McAdams
News Director

The WSIN News Director is responsible for the overall news content carried by WSIN.